Contrary to any other online service, with MatchEnjoy you can keep all the traffic proceeding from bookings on your website. All Internet traffic proceeding from Club members’ use of the service can be maintained on your website.


The web module for the booking can be perfectly integrated in any website. This allows your Club members to book the courts online and autonomously. You will find the features available for your Club members listed below.

registration to the service

The service is for registered users only; the registration can be done online

login access

The booking is bound to user’s identification through the insertion of his/her credentials

court booking

See if the courts are free or select a time, all this in 3 clicks only!

class booking

All members can autonomously book a class with one of the coaches

court cancellation

Users can cancel their booking, respecting the cancellation rules specified by the administrator


All users have a credit which they can increase by buying a recharge from the administrator or online with PayPal

waiting list

If a court is busy at the time selected by the user, he/she can choose to be added to the waiting list: if the court vacates, the system will send him/her an email

booking list

With this function, members can see the list of the matches set at the club

find player

With this function, members can find a player with a suitable level of play

favourite players

All members can specify some players with whom they prefer to play: when looking for a player, the system will show those players first

edit registry

Members can autonomously manage their personal information

competition sheet

Advanced level players can manage their scores, the videos and the results of their athletic tests