• it can be activated for any sport
  • HQ video
  • it is integrated in the booking system
  • excellent for video-analysis
  • it can be used for matches live streaming


This service is the most requested by sport centres: for players who want to watch the match played, sitting on their sofa at home; or for young professionals who want to study and improve their shots; or matches that you want to publish on your website.

A leap in quality with no comparison!


This system allows your members to request the recording of the match at the moment of the booking (on courts where the service is enabled). At the beginning of the hour of play, the system starts the recording; at the end, it sends an email to players with the link to download the HD video. Simple! All the videos are stored on a Cloud service, in order to make the download faster.

In addition, the Club manager can start the recording whenever he/she wants to, and download the video anytime, directly from the management panel.

Last, the service is geared to live stream the matches directly on the website of the sport center, through a dedicated broadcast platform. This way, all the Internet traffic concerning the tournament will be directed to your website, and your pages will acquire a great commercial value.