A WEBSITE FOR EVERYBODY!You don’t have a website or you are not satisfied with the one you have?


You don’t have a website or you are not satisfied with the one you have? We have decided to help all those sport centres which do not have a visible presence on the Internet, yet, by offering them the chance to create their own website, even FOR FREE!

A website is worth more than a thousand posts!

A page on Facebook is certainly practical, but it does not allow you to have all that a website can give you. Posts disappear from visitors’ sight; the pages of a website remain!

This service is thought especially for all those clubs that need to expand and bring new members to their structure, but that do not have enough money and time to afford a website.

Just think of the unlimited advantages that you will have, if people can reach you on the Internet. Your visibility will immediately become real and effective!

All the initiatives, the classes, the tournaments find the right place to be published, on your website. Let your Club popularity grow, and you will have attractive pages, which you can easily sell to possible sponsors.


  • Personal web space
  • A page created by us with the contents you provide


  • Personal web space
  • Administrator access for autonomous creation of the website
  • 40 graphic themes to choose from


  • Personal web space
  • Website created by us
  • Administrator access for autonomous contents management